DIZA STAR  -  3       /     Fractal  190

> Music Emissions (www.musicemissions.com) -  24 august 2007 (USA)

Yep, this is Acid Mothers Temple in yet another disguise, but you know what to expect: long, trippy guitar jams with folk and/or drone interludes that are so simple it is funny, but which always sound perfect and bliss-inducing. Now a trio, Makoto and company just seem to have an endless source of ideas, and aren’t afraid to use all of them. Legendary Guru Guru maven Mani Neumeier guests on one track, making AMT’s debt to Krautrock explicit.

Five instrumental tracks that will sound epic live, "3" is a collage of psychedelic goodness from the newly christened Diza Star and the Pink Ladies Blues. A legend by any other name is still sweet, unless it is something shitty like Dead Kennedys with a child actor on vocals.
Mike WOOD.

> Dusted Magazine (Still Single: Vol. 3, No. 8) -  September 2007  (USA)

I don't really give a shit about Acid Mothers Temple right now or pretty much since the late '90s, so either they're gonna be an expensive, later-in-life «surprise,» or history will prove me right. But I review all that I'm submitted, and this one is the latest in the AMT line, albeit with that name crossed out and the above, more descriptive moniker in place for Magic Aum Gigi and two decamped refugees. Mani Neumeier of Guru Guru guests on drums on the first track, a very cool psychedelic re-enactment of hot evenings by the ocean. The wandering continues on after that, blurred by errant «righteousness» and some nearsighted bits of experimentation. Yet the last track on here ignites with incredible pressure, raw bluesy chording smashed flat against percussive boulders, impacting with the unbreathable atmosphere of the Dead C. Two jams versus the 197 copies of this thing that supposedly were made, and you're pretty much out of options: now or never. I'm at least glad to have this one handy for the next time I'm doing shots of pineal gland juice.