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> DUSTED MAGAZINE – Still Single : Vol. 5 , N° 9 (USA) – September 2009
First thing I’ve heard from this possible Acid Mothers Temple extension from some time; quality psychedelic soul rattling cage treatises on X-ray vision from an exceptional pair of guitarists. Opening up with the elegiac “Howlin’ Tsuchy (Wolf Prayer),” a blistering, tremeloed duo to the sunrise, things kick into some bad politics with “The Soul of a Mountain Wolf (High Rise),” boppin’ along to minimal drumming and a steadily mounting guitar assault that runs a blistering lead up into the atmosphere, payloaded with geltabs meant to pierce a cloud and rain lysergic tempests into the slackjawed mouths of us onlookers below. “Moanin’ After Eight (Underground Speed Blues)” closes this thing out with the sorta Afflicted Man punk-through-psych guitar lead sojourn that makes everything alright. The artist offers up a Buñuel quote, dedicates the record to Howlin’ Wolf – more records should be – and thanks High Rise’s Nanjo Asahito, who quite frankly is not thanked enough. Another Fractal heater, sorry it took so long to cover it.  
Doug Mosurock.