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MAHOGANY BRAIN / Some Cocktail Suggestions / LP
Fractal 173


KFCJ 89.7 FM -  28 February 2007 (USA)

French underground legends Michel Bulteau and Patrick Geoffrois unleash the gods’ stash of avant wisdom on the unknowing masses. Slightly deconstructed delicacies, fender flange at lightspeed and HIGH-end audio art is what these artists deal in. Bulteau throws down some inspired Burroughsian vocal stylings nested in nebulous and nefarious experimental sound sculptures. This is the 3rd lp from the group in 2005 following two releases in the early 70’s.
Reviewed by Outlier.

ARTHUR Magazine « Bull Tongue »  - Novembre 2005 - (USA) 

Just when you thought it was safe to eat croissants, France’s legendary free-rock band Mahogany Brain returns in not just name, but also in fucked-up function. Their first LP in 30 years (or so) is called Some Cocktail Suggestions (Fractal) and it has much superior weirdness to recommend it. Indeed, it is actually better than their last LP, Smooth Sick Lights, which is kinda hard to believe. There’s a buncha cracked-open amp-splonge guitar, electronic lip-puckers, backwards masking, treated vocals, Burroughs samples and all kindsa other, very fetching stuff going on here. Whether it’s a studio creation or the work of an actual band is immaterial. It’s a nice formstretcher regardless.
Byron Coley & Thurston Moore

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