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The Supersonic Electric Waltz  (vinyl LP+CDr)
Fractal 022

01. Echo River
02. OnOff
03. Wave Number 12
04. Vocokesh
05. Vocokesh (Reprise)
06. Pewaukee Surf
07. The Circle Is The Square
08. Suburban Underground
09. The Cutter
10. Breakdown At 306

Limited edition  : 99 ex.

Famous US band from Milwaukee, F/i not really introduction for all who have evolved in and around the early 80's culture cassette movement DIY. First as a duo, Richard Franecki and Greg Kurczewski started the F/i adventure in 1982 and after nearly thirty five years of longevity, F/i is a true original band as shows their destiny and musical orientation : F/i begins as a pure industrial noise band ala Throbbing Gristle, SPK... with harsh electronics sounds alongside with their friends of Boy Dirt Car, and then have turned deeply into heavy spacerock influenced by Hawkwind, Amon Düül, Faust or Blue Cheer and by the punk-paranoid rebel scene at the time, especially Chrome (the magic "U.F.O." pair Damon Edge/Helios Creed). Few bands can define their identity like this way and there is possibly no equivalent still now, except maybe Psychic TV (with the irreplaceable Genesis P-Orridge).

The years 1985/1986 are the turning point in F/i sound evolution, and particularly with their cassette "The Circle Is the Square" released in 1986 on Brian Ladd and Julie Frith label.  The group is then composed by five members : Richard Franecki (guitar, electronics), Brian Wensing (guitar), Steve Zimmerman (elctronics), Greg Kurczewski (bass) and Jan Schober (drums). In fact, with insight, this tape is a formidable lost forgotten masterpiece of space-punk rock, a true gem of the genre !!! "one of my personal favorites" wrote Jerry Kranitz of Aural Innovations on his article in Shindig! magazine.

For the 30th anniversary, Fractal presents "The Supersonic Electric Waltz" a new edit and remastered 2016 version of "The Circle Is the Square" cassette on vinyl LP for this special and unique reissue. In summary, yes this new edit is shorter than the original version, but the final impression with just the ten tracks selected here brings to the reissue a much more powerful impact than the full cassette tape as its look like you have just 2 long tracks non-stop and speed with spacey music on each side, just fantastic. It's a blast ! All the highlights are included: the Hawkindnesque 'vintage 72' "OnOff", the awesome garage punker ala Sonics "Pewaukee Surf", without forget of course the jewel, THE "F/i" tune "The Circle Is the Square" one of their best ever !! or even "Wave Number 12" with this great battle duo, so trippy... but at last all tracks should not to be missed as only the complete set played "altogether" formed this great and solid unity !

Released : December 2016.


K'an / Musiques de Table  (CD)
Fractal 885

01. Niflheim
02. Lied de Noun
03. Visita Interioro Terrae
04. Octopus Mansion
05. Taurus Mansion
06. Sea Chantey
07. Méditation
08. Gaïa
09. Grands Transparents
10. Danse Sautée
11. Yoïdole Sakana
12. 7 Eléments pour Sonorhc - E
13. Kassiou
14. Repas
15. Isolons
16. Etude aux Verres
17. Etude Métallique
18. Musique de Table
19. Etude aux Oeufs
20. Profiteroles
21. Île Flottante
22. Sucre Candi
23. Religieuses

Tracks 1-13 : K'an (1992)
Tracks 14-23 : Musique de Table (1985)
After « Purf - Outrelande » (Fractal 820) in 2014, and « Portes d’Orient - Amazonia » (Fractal 840) last year, Fractal reissue this year 2016 the fifth and last Sonorhc’s album « K’an » released in 1992 and including the very scarce 1985 vinyl single« Musiques de Table » by Jean-François Gaël, remastered and with a 20 pages booklet.  

The cycle « SONORHC » is finally complete on Fractal with the 5 albums available on 3 CDs. The machine who back the time can now be played without ending, yeah !
« K’an » and « Musiques de Table » are very different musically : a «serious » dark ambient works for the first one, and a kind of a nice joke for the other, but they both join together perfectly around this contemporary music instrument invented in 1952 by François and Bernard Baschet : the Cristal Baschet which can be regarded as the main key point of this edition.
This fifth album « K’an » is a dive into the seabed and the term means «Unfathomable » which came from the Chinese « The Book of Changes ». So, the space shuttle now became a submarine, and the Captain JF Gaël have changed on more time the musicians crew : with the saxophonist Nano Peylet (Arcane V), the American guitarist Jack Treese, the singer Francesca Solleville etc… The music here is more experimental and also more lyrical than the previous albums but this one features some special instruments like the Cristal Baschet (see « Les Structures Sonores Lasry Baschet », a 50’s French avant-garde outfit, ahead of their time like the Americans Harry Partch, Moondog, Conlon Nancarrow or the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely) and the FONICS (« new forms of strings instruments ») created by Jean Weinfeld. 
« Musiques de Table » has been published in 1985 by Le Chant du Monde for the collection « Sonoriage » (the two other titles was by Renaud Gagneux and by Alain Savouret). It’s in fact an amazing funny concept single which was an order from Bernard Baschet to his friend Jean-François Gaël, made by short compositions using the dishes (glasses, bottles, metal salad bowl, casserole, egg cups, spoons, forks and knives !) as instruments on the first side and with the Cristal Baschet (played by Michel Deneuve) on the other side. The single came with one insert (reprint here on the cd booklet) which showed a funny score and some illustrations about how to use the dishes for making sound (more fun!). The final result of all these tracks is outstanding. It’s absolutely unique and it’s a MUST. « Musique de Table » is a real gem impossible to find today « for collectors » reissued for the first time after more than thirty years !


Released : July 2016.


Le Mal Des Ardents  (vinyl LP)
Fractal 878

1. Le Mat, l'Arcane sans Nom, l'Etoile (A Mean to Love)
2. Zwei Morder
3. Les Blessures Fertiles (Serviette France Blues)
4. Ombrage (Chapter 2 for Action)
5. The Wormhole

Recorded in 1987 on cassette tape (private release).

Limited numbered edition : 108 copies
Le Bal Des Ardents is a mini-LP reissue of a strange cassette based on the terrifying historical event about the French King Charles VI the day of January 28th 1393, where he escaped from a fire caused by a torch during a masked ball, a tragedy who will let him sink into madness soon after. The main theme of this record try obviously to recall Charles VI hallucinations, torments and his craziness reflected through the magic of the tarot card and with also probably the help of psychotropic.

This complete unknown 80s industrial group and “stillnotongoogle” released this obscure document on tape in 1987 titled “Le Mal des Ardents” in private, just for friends. Musically? Le Bal Des Ardents’s statement for the reissue analyses the whole thing: “At first, The Residents and their album “Not Available” recorded in 1974 but released intentionally four years after! We took the same concept but here with a gap of twenty nine years which brings us to this reissue’s key point, to the “Space/Time” notion, inspired from the two titles tracks of the “Seven Up” album of Ash Ra Tempel with Timothy Leary, and the last point, more direct: we were influenced, at that time, by the music of Einstürzende Neubauten, Throbbing Gristle, Zoviet France and especially SPK”. Otherwise, the approach of this works can be compare in a certain way to the compilation album “Necropolis, Amphibians & Reptiles: the music of Adolf Wölfli” which presents evident similarities and which was released around the same time.

Enigmatic, vivid and dark, Le Bal Des Ardents will be an ideal companion album to the bands listed above, deeply industrial 80’s old school with harsh electronic sound. All fans of the genre will be delighted!
Limited numbered edition on clear vinyl (comes with an insert).

Released :  28 January 2016.

Portes d'Orient / Amazonia  (CD)
Fractal 840

01. Shayoun
02. Flûte pour un Commencement
03. Lamdouk
04. Course de la Gazelle
05. Mosquée Mauve
06. Nhawand
07. Petite Salutation à Pan
08. Mixolydia
09. Saba
10. Appel du Marché
11. Noces des Bergers
12. Désert Rouge
13. Marché de Zakar
14. Ouizer Ouizer
15. Bonnes Nouvelles de Simbad
16. Panier de Cobras
17. Toulé
18. Anaconda
19. Passoula
20. Saül
21. Takari
22. Green Tank
23. Aprouage
24. Padre Joachim
25. Pakira
26. A Ouanary
27. Chant de Copal
28. Oyapock
29. Guimbarde Selva
30. Sanza Sun
21. Caïaku
32. Toulé Blues

Tracks 1-16 : Portes d'Orient (1984)
Tracks 17-32 : Amazonia (1985)

Good news from the Sonorhc’s « space shuttle » ! After the two first albums « Purf » (1972) and « Outrelande » (1982) released last year, Fractal records deliver now the second volume of the expedition with the third and the fourth album of the band : « Portes d’Orient (East Gates) » (1984) and « Amazonia » (1985) again on CD, perfectly remastered and in the same concept « two albums in one ».

As a band who claim to be « without leader », Sonorhc is a collective with variable line-up as shows this reissue : four musicians (Youval Micenmacher, Laurent Cokelaere, Pierre Buffenoir, Jean-François Gaël) on « Portes d’Orient » and only two for « Amazonia » despite this one could be saw as almost entirely composed by Jean-François Gaël alone, inevitably one of the major force in their ranks. Jean-François Gaël is born in Paris in 1938. He worked as guitarist, composer or arranger with : Hélène Martin, Francesca Solleville, Marc Ogeret, Marcel Mouloudji, Jean Ferrat, Colette Magny, Catherine Sauvage, Henri Gougaud, Antoine Tomé, Mama Béa and with poets : Jacques Prévert, Louis Aragon, Eugène Guillevic, René Char, Pierre Seghers... Theses collaborations will find success five times for the «Grand Prix du Disque de l’Académie Charles Cros» award. He worked at the GRM in 1965, at the GMEB in Bourges in 1985 and at the IRCAM in 1995. He now composed film soundtrack for cinema and TV in his own studio.

So, here is finally reissued and for the first time after thirty years (yeah !) two sounds library records. Title name for each will transport you immediately in the right place: don’t need to move, the space shuttle travel for you ! With 32 tracks in total and with the adequate instrumentation for both albums : « Portes d’Orient » is a stunning meditative ethnic musical trip for guitars, bass, drum, percussions, moog, duduk, flute, guembri, arghoul, woodblock, hurdy gurdy… Overall it reminds the famous Agitation Free first album « Malesch » without the « rock » side but adding the « spiritual » side of Peter Michael Hamel works. « Portes d’Orient » is a very scarce album nowadays and almost impossible to find now in original vinyl LP. « Amazonia » use more synths but also many others ethnics instruments making this one a relaxing and melodic album in a reverie jungle mood. Jean-François Gaël done three trips in the Wayanas tribe in Amazonia and he also worked at that time for the french serie TV « Carnets de l’Aventure » and then brings together all his « amazonia » themes for this album. The patterns are diverses and united, going from Bernard Parmegiani’s electroacoustic side (« Passoula ») to Francis Bebey’s « psychedelic » sanza (« Sanza Sun »), Jorge Reyes’s ambiant ritual (« A Ouanary ») or Steve Roach’s tribal works (« Pakira »)… Two hidden lost gems made in France finally dig up ! Sonorhc go back in time (the space shuttle show you the correct sense of the reading : from the right to the left) and explore the consciousness !

NB :
- (1) : « Portes d’Orient » from 1984, is the real third album of the GROUP Sonorhc, and it should be NOT credited only to the duo : « Jean François Gaël - Pierre Buffenoir » (it’s an error) : there were no artists name printed indeed on the original cover album, but the Sonorhc logo appears well on the camel saddle in the drawing made by Jean Pierre Lamerand at that time. 
« Amazonia » is a complete unreleased album recorded in 1985, never published before, and again with a front cover made again and at that time (!) by Jean-Pierre Lamerand.
- (2) : The album « K’an » (1992) became in that way the fifth album of Sonorhc.

- Jean-François Gaël 

- Pierre Buffenoir 
- Youval Micenmacher
- Laurent Cokelaere

- Jean-François Gaël
- Youval Micenmacher

Remastered by Jean-François Gaël in 2014.

Released : April 2015.


Paris 1998  (DVD)
Fractal 050

1. Disallow
2. Mainliner
3. Ikon
4. Induced Depression
5. Right On
6. Door
7. Pop Sicle
8. Psychedelic Speed Freaks
9. Skive

Limited edition  : 250 ex.

For the 20th Anniversary of Fractal Records, we are very happy to present you, this special new release and Fractal first DVD : the legendary Japanese Tokyo band High Rise live during their first tour overseas at the fall 1998. That concert in Paris was their unique date in France and the first in Europe, after some shows in the U.S. and followed by just one more date in London for ending. A truly memorable night and an absolute great performance by theses monsters “cult” psychedelic speed freaks !! Despite some technical problems (cut on two tracks) from the cameraman Lionel Magal, this DVD is without any doubt the best images from High Rise live. Shooting under many different angles, all the majestic power of the band, with that sweaty psychedelic feeling and that intense energy is really captured here !!
That trio (Asahito Nanjo, Munehiro Narita, Shoji Hano) was possibly at the time the strongest line-up of the group career and probably at their peak of their glory musically. An Historical document !!!

DVD bonus : Mainliner (opening act led by the only leader A.Nanjo - not an Ohkami No Jikan gig), plus Hano solo and Hano/Narita duo (aka Kyoaku No Intention).

(Psychedelic Speed Freaks started in 1982, but the name of High Rise appears with the first album on PSF Records in August 1984)

Very recommended for fans of : MC5, The Stooges, Radio Birdman, The Lightning Raiders, Motörhead, Les Rallizes Dénudés etc…

Released : June 2014.

DVD (Pal color-Region Free/All Zones - Total running time: Approx 77 min.)


3  (CDr)
Fractal 111

1. Viva Utopia
2. Nostalghia
a. Les Affres du retour
b. Encore
c. Finale
3. Anarquia Blues
4. Dance of the Rats
a. Madamu Onboro Bar
b. Yakyuken (Naked Sun)
c. Ladies in Ecstasy Seven-Up
5. Diza Star
6. Nostalghia [Bonus track] [*]
d. 20 Years Mirror Dream

Limited edition : 1 ex.


Reissue CDr (May 2014).

Fractal 000 

Bonus CDr free with Fractal 777 order or Fractal 800 order.



1. Performance (1983)

2. Taj Mahal Coco / Intro a Blackcook (1979)
3. Le Naufrage de la Belle Excentrique au large de Dieppe (1979)

4. Plus Belle qu'Isabelle (1984/85)
5. Un Après-Midi Chaud (1984/85)

6. Chemin Marocain (Live 1972-extrait)
7. Untitled (Live 1972-extrait)


Purf - Outrelande (CD)
Fractal 820

1. Plaine du Tal                    
2. Sept éléments pour Sonorhc – A             
3. Sept éléments pour Sonorhc – B,C,D           
4. Sept éléments pour Sonorhc – E             
5. Sept éléments pour Sonorhc – F,G      
6. Bruage                    
7. Saga Bolaska                    
8. Une rue sur la planète Purf    
9. Gouzouland        
10. Danse du Tal        
11. Marche des éléphants        
12. Danse de la pierre    
13. Danse des chiens        
14. Voyage des bergers        
15. Berceuse d’Outrelande    
16. Berceuse de l’eau    
17. Shaï           
18. La Reine des sables    
19. Hulud           
20. Pachaski le chasseur

Tracks 1-8 : Purf (1972)
Tracks 9-20 : Outrelande (1973-1982)
Early 70’s, a group of musicians around Jean-François Gaël, André Chini, Philippe Gumplowicz, Pierre Buffenoir and Youval Micenmacher formed Sonorhc in 1971 near Paris. This discreet band had released only three albums in twenty years : « Purf » (LP-1972), « Outrelande » (LP-1982) et « K’an » (CD-1991). 2014, Fractal Records propose today the first official reissue of the two first albums in a beautiful remastered edition after more than forty and thirty years respectively (!) ; two rare albums, difficult to find and much sought after by collectors.
The musical world of Sonorhc is oriented to collective improvisation and the research of tones ; they create a sound full of invention, rich technically, made by many differents instruments which incorporated judiciously elements from the rock music, free-jazz, acid-psych, concrete, ethnic and experimental making them as one of the most atypical French Underground group, and seems somewhere more closer to the German “krautrock” bands like Between, Agitation Free, Deuter, Limbus 3, Dzyan or the UK group Third Ear Band. But as the most well-known French band Magma, Sonorhc owns their original and strange logo and shows a strong collective : Jean-François Gaël studied musical composition with Michel Puig, guitar with Roger Chaput, electro-acoustic music with Pierre Schaefer at the GRM, and had composed many movie soundtracks later. Pierre Buffenoir taught guitar at the Conservatoire d’Ivry. André Chini is composer of contemporary music in Sweden. Philippe Gumplowicz is a music teacher at the University of Evry and with the percussionist Youval Micenmacher had recorded the 1978’s album “Marron Dingue” with the band Arcane V (see the Nurse With Wound list).
The present edition “2 albums in 1” includes the first “Purf”, a pure jewel of the genre and this one, for example, could had been easily one of the landmark album of the legendary 70’s Futura Records “son” or “impro” series and “Purf” well worth alone the purchase of this disc (!!), plus the second “Outrelande” a compilation of tracks recorded from 1973 to 1982, and with for both their original cover.
To summarize these 74 minutes with Sonorhc, just 3 words as the American blog “Mutant Sounds” has wrote : “A Total Mindbomb”.
THIS IS A « MUST » HAVE !  CD limited edition 300 copies.

Jean-François Gaël : Guitare électrique, Basse, Flûte.
Pierre Buffenoir : Guitare électrique, Basse.
Philippe Gumplowicz : Guitare électrique, Guitare sèche, Trompette.
André Chini : Hautbois, Flûte.
Youval Micenmacher : Percussions.

- Album « Purf » : Remastered by Alexis Frenkel at Art & Son Studio, Paris July 2013.
- Album « Outrelande » : Remastered by Jean-François Gaël.


Pataphysic Power : The Underground Retrospective (2 CDs)
Fractal 800

1. Tajmahalcoco 
2. Gwendo blues 
3. Gwendo electrochoc 
4. Rose Bonbon est une « o » en boîte 
5. M’…Perkutard 
6. Les Pelouses (en allegro) 
7. Le vieil Homme et Nefertiti 
8. Intro a Blackcook 
9. Ragtime du Surmâle 
10. Sapin bleu à Kiruna 
11. Las cositas estaban puestas debajo de la escalera que llevaba a la casita 
12. Allonsypour 
13. Le naufrage de la belle excentrique au large de Dieppe 

Tracks 1-8 : Album « Gwendolyne » (1978)
Tracks 9-13 : Album « Les Boniments» (1979)

1. Variation sur le thème de Faust «It’s a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl» 
2. Vichy fraise 
3. Carmela      
4. She’s so cold 
5. Un après-midi chaud 
6. Fraicheur de vivre 
7. Katarina Blum 
8. Albion 84/85 
9. Ce soir Dachau 
10. Plus belle qu’Isabelle 
11. Through the looking glass 
12. La Gloria (Antonio Machado) 
13. I’m afraid 
14. Lady Conga 
15. What a shame… 
16. Attention repulsion 

Track 1 : Unreleased (1979)  with Pascal Comelade & Christine Bonnal
Track 2 : Single 7’’ B-Side, Axe Sud (1983)
Tracks 3-16 : Album « L’Après-Midi Chaud» (1984/1985)
Double CD retrospective of this amazing « MYSTERIOUS » underground French band including 3 complete full albums : « Gwendolyne » (Heratius first album), « Les Boniments » (Heratius second album) & « L’après-midi chaud » (Armand Mirallès solo album) +  very rare & unreleased bonus material !!!

Booklet 16 pages, liner notes (Herarius-Armand Mirallès story) + rare photos. A superb remastered edition, it sounds fantastic !!!

- Album « Gwendolyne » :  Originally released on Frigico records F.L.V.M. (3004), 1978.
Armand Mirallès : Guitar, Vocal.
Florence Leroy : Special effets, Vocal, Percussions, Piano, Organ, Farfisa.
Robert Diaz : Vocal, Saxophones, Clarinets si bémol Kletzmer, Piano, Anachtayans, Tapes.
Recorded on a Revox A77 in Montpellier on 6,7,8 August 1978.

- Album « Les Boniments » : Unreleased & ultra rare second album !!
Armand Mirallès : Acoustic and electric guitar, Piano, Hammond organ, Special effets, Vocal.
Jérôme d'Aix d'Aubusson : Bass, Percussions, Chorus.
Martine-Hélène Aboucaya : Vocal on Track 13 (Disc1) : reading Baruch Spinoza "Ethics" extract.
Recorded in Avignon, Studio Free Son by François Riether in October 1979

- Album « L'après-midi chaud » : Complete version with 14 Tracks.
(Available also on Vinyl LP "Art Edition" : ref. Fractal 777).

Disc 1 & Disc 2 : Remastered by Alexis Frenkel at Art & Son Studio, Paris June 2013.

This edition is vey recommended for fans  of :  French 70's rock, Red Noise, Fille Qui Mousse, ZNR, Etron Fou Leloublanc, Rock In Opposition, Henry Cow, Faust, Residents, Gavin Bryars, French Poet : Dashiell Hedayat, Michel Bulteau, F.J. Ossang, Henri Chopin, The Desperate Bicycles, D.I.Y., Nurse With Wound "It's On The List !!", Joy Division, 80's Industrial Music, Liaisons Dangereuses, D.A.F., Pascal Comelade, Philippe Doray, Serge Gainsbourg...



L'Après-Midi Chaud (vinyl LP)
Fractal  777 

1. Carmela
2. She's so cold
3. Un après-midi chaud
4. Fraicheur de vivre
5. Katarina Blum
6. La Gloria (Antonio Machado)
7. Albion 84/85
8. Ce soir Dachau
9. Plus belle qu'Isabelle
10. What a shame...
11. Attention répulsion
Armand Mirallès (Heratius leader)  solo album recorded by Michel  Jeanjean in Montpellier between 1984 and 1985.

Armand Frigico : Guitar, Bass, Synths, Vocal.
Marianna : Vocal on Track 4.
Brigitte Rambaud : Chorus on Track 11.

All music composed by Armand Frigico, except Track 1 (Traditional).

Remastered by Alexis Frenkel at Art & Son Studio, Paris 2013.
Cover photo by Gilles Berquet.

(Glossy laminated cover + Lyrics insert)


Vincent Le Masne et Bertrand Porquet (CD)
Fractal 760

1. Derive
2. Rafales
3. Labyrinthe
4. Clin d'oeuvre (bonus track )

A host of independent labels sprang up in France during the pivotal period of the 60s and 70s in the course of the cultural and musical revolution then unfolding; labels like the legendary Saravah, BYG, Futura, but also Shandar, a cult label par excellence set up in 1971 by gallery owner Chantal Darcy in collaboration with the journalist Daniel Caux (1945-2008) as artistic director. Just a glimpse at the Shandar catalogue makes one’s head spin, as all of its productions have become key musical references and much-sought-after collector’s items. The quality of the label’s artists is quite exceptional, as this list clearly shows: Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Steve Reich, Pandit Pran Nath, Sunny Murray, Dashiell Hedayat, François Tusques, Cecil Taylor, Terry Riley, La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela, Philip Glass, Vincent Le Masne & Bertrand Porquet, Charlemagne Palestine, Ragnar Grippe, Abed Azrié, and Richard Horowitz.
In 1976, Shandar released an album by the Guitares Dérive duo, founded in Paris in1974 by Vincent Le Masne and Bertrand Porquet co-composers and interpreters of their own original music on two classical guitars. It’s a music that is written, structured and highly evocative thanks partly to its somewhat dreamy name, “Guitares Dérive” ! The album, recorded live in the studio, is particularly original. It has a certain affinity with the American minimalist trend (whose artists are to be found on Shandar), yet its register is quite different by virtue of its writing, which avoids all systematisation in the repetition of musical phrases, but on the contrary, constantly evolves. Via its unique style, this fluid and pure sounding music slowly and comfortably bathes its listener in a kind of intoxicating quietude, without lapsing into sentimentality, as the work is underpinned by remarkable technical virtuosity throughout these three lengthy compositions.

“Two expressions, the one rhythmical and obsessive, the other melodic and symbolic, merge and drift according to a principle of infinitesimal variations to take us to a point quite far from where we started out;  variations which testify to great rigour, yet also to a keen sense of harmonic sequence, that is both highly daring and acoustically dynamic."
( Jacques Lonchampt - LE MONDE )

“The acoustic instrument at its purest, yet nonetheless imbued with great modernity. A pointillist music made up of a surge of interwoven notes which seem to multiply, although no re-recording was used.”
( Jean-Marc Bailleux - ROCK & FOLK )

"There is a discovery to be made here: Vincent Le Masne and Bertrand Porquet pour forth strings of notes, waves of particularly melodious sound. Their musical stream gives an impression of calm serenity and controlled restlessness. Their concert at la Maison de la Radio pleasantly amazed. But you can hear them every day if you pick up a copy of the little gem they recorded for Shandar. You’ll not be disappointed."
(Martin Messonnier - LIBERATION).

For this reissue, the Guitares Dérive duo’s album was remastered by Vincent Le Masne himself along with Alexis Frenkel (Art et Son Studio, Paris). It also contains a previously unreleased bonus track from the same period. This new release is highly recommended to all fans of jazz, repetitive music, avant-garde music, flamenco, classical and contemporary music, but also to all guitar aficionados and especially to admirers of John Fahey, Robbie Basho, Bola Sete, Sandy Bull and Jack Rose.

Over thirty years later, the rare Guitares Dérive album -never before reissued- has at last resurfaced. It is now available for the first time on CD, in a Digipack edition, complete with its original sleeve.


Live in Dijon '79  (10")
Fractal 700 

1. Beyond Standard
2. Tender
3. Onward Christian Soldiers
4. Albeit Living
5. Look At The People
6. Beyond Standard (studio 1979)
7. Machine (studio 1994)
8. Sweet Song (studio 1994)


Circle X new release ! An unreleased live by this legendary cult no-wave NY band after the group disbanded in 1995. In around fifteen years exitence since their formation in 1978, the history of Circle X can be divided in 2 parts and for each, with few but always powerful releases : the late 70s / early 80s with 2 singles + 1 vinyl LP, and for the second one: 4singles, 1 CD and 1 miniCD for the early until mid-90s. Today, its a great delight to see the first official Circle X live album. And what a document ! The Circle X "HISTORICAL" concert at the University of Dijon, the first gig in France at their debut in 1979 when the group was established in that city. The performance of the band that night was short but truly outstanding. A very, very, high tension.... Not need to say more !!! The players were : Dave Letendre on drum, Rik Letendre on guitar, Tony Pinotti on vocal and Bruce Witsiepe on guitar. The present 10inch vinyl edition includes also 3 unreleased bonus tracks with the first studio version of "Beyond Standard" (1979) and 2 other studio tracks from the last period (1994), plus insert with liner notes by Rik Letendre and some rare photos. The sound quality isn't perfect but good enough for make this object acceptable and valid. In fact, you have here, 30 years later... the real first Circle X record like it had to be released at that time !! Well, call it like you want... but its already and obviously ! a fantastic and an essential release.

No excuse for all who will be late this time !


Blues Reason To Live (Single 7")
Fractal 666 

1. Howlin' Tsuchy (Wolf Prayer)
2. The Soul Of A Mountain Wolf (High Rise)
3. Moanin' After Eight (Underground Speed     Blues)


"Our Legs Are Our Car, Our Legs Are Our Freedom
We Are Living In The Ice Age
The Disa-Ster  World Is By Definition Vertical, Dizzy Sound
An Exciting Up And Down Where Nothing Is Sure, Anytime
Two Left Hand Guitarists, The Good And The Bad Player
Dig Up Three Unreleased Tracks From Our Archive
Our Electric Free Blues Music
We Knew Well That It Should Be Released Properly
The Blues Reason To Live
Love Your Devil Side And Your Enemy"

Diza Star


Action and Japanese Demonstration (CD)
Fractal 333 

1. Rain of may on silk paper
2. Blank flood
3. Bonus 1
4. Path in the Wakasa forest
5. Passage on Nihon bridge
6. Little dance along the path in the Wakasa forest
7. These nine heros will never die
8. March to Tokyo
9. Bonus 2
10. Little boy
11. Mitsuko on cover
12. Three trees near the path in the Wakasa forest
13. Chant funèbre pendant une cérémonie mortuaire
14. Industrie primitive dans la région du Pa-Tât
15. Prière chantée pendant la nuit de veille du défunt
16. Chant rituel 1
17. Trompettes et cornes du bas Pa-Tât
18. Chant rituel 2
19. Ode à l'esprit de l'alcool de riz

There were bands like CAN in Germany, NURSE WITH WOUND in UK, THE RESIDENTS in USA, and there were DEFICIT DES ANNEES ANTERIEURES in France. Formed in 1979 by 3 artists from the Beaux-Arts of Caen : Jean-Luc André, Sylvie Martineau-Fée, Jean-Philippe Fée ; DDAA is one of the leader of all the independent, experimental, industrial 80’s French scene and also with their highly artistic, peculiar and thoughtful vision which is brilliantly illustrated by their own label ILLUSION PRODUCTION (more than 40 references published). This undoubtedly makes DDAA as one of the most outstanding band of the French underground since the last thirty years ! Behind this radical and utopian group are three self-taught musicians of high creativity with a surprising and rich discography, around thirty titles released under all formats : vinyls LP, singles, 10 inch, tapes, CDs and many compilations (some deleted titles are still very collectable today). From a post-punk/avant-garde/surrealistic music made by improvisations and collages, DDAA created an odd and captivating world, somehow naive but truly emotional. Eternal travellers from the imaginary (into space and time), after they ventured in Africa (1980), in the Maracayace land (2000), in the Russia of the Tsars from the 19th century ("Les Ambulants" 1984) or even with the French poets from the 16th century ("Ronsard" 1988), DDAA goes to Japan with "Action and Japanese Demonstration" in 1982. And they will be well inspired by the land of the rising sun, so it's no surprise to see them, the next year, on the "Paris-Tokyo" compilation and also in the PASCAL COMELADE album  "Detail Monochrome" (1984) on the track "Pluie Japonaise". First full-length vinyl album (Illusion Production – IP010) and a cornerstone in their history, "Action and Japanese Demonstration" is considered by many fans as one of the best DDAA’s works to date. A fascinating album ! 10 actions and poetic demonstrations like japanese woodblock prints (ukiyo-e), refined and entrancing atmospheres, drew and played by the 3 dadaïsts with synths, vocals, chorus, crazy guitars, percussions, rhythms box, flutes and noises + Bernard C and Marcel Kanche on sax. For a long time unavailable, this album is finally reissued on CD for the first time with 2 unreleased tracks from the same recording session + 18 minutes bonus "Musique et Bruits du Bas Pa-Tât", a collection of 7 rare tracks from 1985 originally released on tape for the very limited Jean-Luc André’s comic strip titled "Mutants du Kwantung".This is a dark ethnic report which brings you in the primitive southern China before Jesus-Christ. This CD reissue is an exact reproduction of the vinyl LP, and is packaged like the original in an heavy card sleeve hand fold + 16 pages color booklet with all inserts, texts and unreleased pictures (DDAA live in 1979!). Remixed and remastered from the master tapes, this gem is now available again after more than 25 years. "Action and Japanese Demonstration" is a pure delight, a kind of improbable meeting between the famous artist JOSEPH BEUYS and the master of the ceremony SEN NO RIKYU. Splendid !
Fractal Records.

Contact High Diza Star
Fractal 300 

1. The Cat hit the Wolf
2. Edgar Allan Poe
3. Super Pari sur
4. Le Rallye des Corbillards
5. Shinjuku Blues (Alcool in the Blood)
6. In the Green Light Inn
7. Das Zitar I
8. Das Zitar II
9. Contact High Diza Star (via Cortex Acupuncture)
10. Dark Side of the Sun
11. Rendez-vous Amphetamine Street
12. Diza Star meets Clovis Trouille
13. La Fée Rouge (La légende de l'Absinthe Daltonique)
14. Cote d'Azur en Cendres
Yea, the Japanese Underground Punk Blues Band continue more deeper his own psychedelic experience !
Diza Star 5th album is the last branch of the star after 4 titles released on Fractal Records.
This toxic parfume is a direct wink to the 60's rebel spirit like The Godz, Amon Düül and Les Rallizes Dénudés.
A unique example in this new century of a broken music in a perpetual movement...

Limited numbered edition 100 copies, comes with 2 inserts stamped and each copies is unique.


_____________________________________ __________________________________________________________
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190   194   196

Rare & unreleaded 1974-1984
Fractal 196 

1. Caravane
2. Punkhardlove
3. Arcane
4. Un jour comme tant d'autres
5. Breaking point / part 1
6. Breaking point / part 2
7. Breaking point / part 3
8. Mescalito
9. Mon pote
10. Pile ou face
11. File ou passe

Extracts on

First album under his own name. This compilation is the best works of Thierry Müller during his first 10 years 1974/1984! Titled clearly, all tracks presented are rares and almost all are published here for the first time and came from the all 5 differents formations of TM's early days: ARCANE (Never released before – 1974 TM's first band, dark underground madness), ILITCH (Unreleased live recordings 1975), BREAKING POINT (Never released before – 1978 genius-synthi-pop), RUTH (1978 rare tracks, trash punk romantic) and CRASH (1984 with Philippe Doray – Warning: the track "Pile ou Face" is possible to be the best electro-pop song writing in all France in the 80's, absolute chef-d'œuvre). Selected carefully from all TM's archives, this music will be without a doubt, the holy grail for all Ilitch's and Ruth's fanatics. Full of creativity, imagination and energy, this album is definitely the level higher. All tracks here are french underground masterpiece! CD edition, booklet 20 pages with many unreleased pictures and liner notes.

« …There are lots of lonely synth dudes who make records, but many sound like they could've just as easily been lab technicians or TV repairmen, and are about as fun to listen to. Then there are dudes like Thierry Muller, along with Chrome, Suicide and Monoton, who are feeling the f**k out of what they are doing. Expressionists, basically. They are taking a risk and discovering things along the road of expression. Excellent. » Scott Mou -

« Ce disque, tant espéré, est un évènement ! Imaginez donc, Thierry Müller, artiste maudit, génial, culte s'est enfin décidé à nous ouvrir ses archives.
Ce disque est aussi un rêve pour les fans qui vont enfin arrêter de se ruiner, certains titres ici offerts atteignant des sommes hallucinantes et pour tous les autres qui vont pouvoir en l'espace de onze titres découvrir une œuvre exemplaire et rare… Une fois cette anthologie écoutée, on se dit que le monde est mal foutu, si à l'époque ces morceaux avaient eu la diffusion méritée le paysage rock français aurait pu avoir une sacrée gueule ! Ah si nous avions eu un John Peel !… » Cyril Lacaud,

« … Cet album n'est pas une simple compilation d'époque à vite archiver, comme tant d'autres rééditions d'obscurités expérimentales seventies, mais s'écoute comme le portrait passionnant d'un artiste dont la contemporanéité et la proximité avec les années 2000 étaient déjà bien écloses il y a trente ans. » Joseph Ghosn, Les Inrockuptibles n°618

Featuring Mani Neumeier
Fractal 194 

1. Sägespäne
2. Bali Bali
3. Mani-festly Immer Lustig - Part 1
4. Acid Blueberry
5. Mani-festly Immer Lustig - Part 2
6. Tanzawa
7. What Will Happened Today ? (Hotel of the Rising Sun Blues)
9. Esperanto Lesson (A Raise of Eyebrows)
10. Ooga Booga Rock

Diza Star 4th, a special album (the trio + 1) featuring the unique and exceptional participation by the legendary Krautrock drummer Mani Neumeier. An astonishing meeting between 4 “ psychedelic ethnic punk ” ! The long career of the Star Neumeier, first in the 60’s jazz sphere with Alexander von Schlippenbach big band Globe Unity or with Irène Schweizer, before switched for the well-known freak-out psychedelic rock experience Guru Guru, then followed by other project (Tier der Nacht etc...), collaborations, and many trips around the world (especially India, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan) revealed today – and rare nowadays – an extraordinary talented musician emotionally and spiritualy. A motley album, from where all the 10 tracks came naturally in one day studio session, and the music range many differents directions from ethnic ballads to psychedelic jam rock, from exotic ambiant excursion to funny folkloric sequences, or just pure instant rock’n’roll. Various and tasty, this album is like a dessert surprise : a maelström of sugar in it’s form with it’s acid and salty feeling on it’s occasion under a deep powerful rhythmic section and leads by free (no 4 !) humour mind. NB : Track n°8, show Mani Neumeier on guitar (notable & rare). CD edition, jewel case, booklet 28 pages full color.


Fractal 190 

1. Viva Utopia
2. Nosthalgia
a. Les Affres du retour
b. Encore
c. Finale
3. Anarquia Blues
4. Dance of the Rats
a. Madamu Onboro Bar
b. Yakyuken (Naked Sun)
c. Ladies in Ecstasy Seven-Up
5. Diza Star

Early in this year, Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues has slightly changed their name into : Diza Star & The Pink Ladies Blues. A short biography and all reasons of this change are well explained and detailed in the liner notes includes in this album. Following to their short second "The Soul of a Mountain Wolf" released 6 months ago, this new one is simply and logically titled "3". It's quite obvious that this japanese "Underground Punk Blues" trio has focused on this recording at their most political orientation as state the thema on each vinyl side : Utopia/Anarchy. The band made indisputable a strong reference, ideologicaly, to some underground 70's group like Amon Düül, Checkpoint Charlie, Ton Steine Scherben, Red Noise etc.... The result is 5 tracks, all instrumental, with 2 sides musically opposite : the first one has a groovy sound, psychedelic and folky flavor (with Mani Neumeier from Guru Guru as guest on one track) and the other brings differents collages (including various natural sound sources, from insects to human walk...) and put the band at the peak of their crazyness on the final track "Diza Star". Limited numbered vinyl edition to 197 ex. (comes with 2 inserts).


Starring Keiko
Fractal 189 

1. Inventions for electric jew's harp
2. Love Potion
3. Starring Keiko (I luv yur space)
4. For Manuel

Magic Aum Gigi 2nd solo album after his first raga-metal-drone opus “ My Metal Machine Music ” released in 2004 on SSW label. Started since 3 years, this new project due to be released on CD by a japanese label has finally saw a terminal issue on vinyl produced by Fractal. “ Starring Keiko ” with it’s pastiche cover from Ash Ra Tempel 5th album is a deep cosmic “ Chant d’Amour ” concept album turned around an ensemble of 4 tracks for 4 instruments : a piece for jew’s harp, a piece for voice, a piece for synthesizer and a piece for guitar. Space music highly repetitive. Limited numbered vinyl edition 200 copies.


Lena's life & other stories (CD)
Fractal 185 

1. Liberalism
2. Fée d'hiver
3. Swimming in blood
4. Lena's life
5. While she paints
6. Tokyo 1
7. Stand up
8. Souviens-toi
9. Breaking thunder
10. Desire
11. Venise
12. Ohmless Ohm
13. Tokyo 2
14. Lena's end
15. Cut

New studio Ilitch 5th album, after PERIODIKMINDTROUBLE (1978), 10 SUICIDES (1980), HORS TEMPS/OUT OF TIME (2004) RAINY HOUSE (1978-2005).
In fact, LENA’S LIFE & OTHER STORIES can be really see as the suite album to 10 SUICIDES. It’s beautilly composed in short tracks, as an electronica-screaming-melodies-trip full of guitar: indeed this album shows Thierry Muller returning to his first instrument! And LENA’S LIFE & OTHER  STORIES is absolutely the ultimate "spirit-Ilitch-sound" album which includes some of Thierry Muller’s  best song!

With the collaboration of Nicholas Littlemore (Teenager, Pnau,…) and featuring Mami Chan, Patrick Müller, Roco, Laurent Saïet, Franckie del Tango.

«… As songs go, what we have here is a collection of Ilitch's best work to date; pensive, artful, melodic and brilliantly rhythmic, yet never pretty, and thus remaining true to its industrial roots and core experimental origins. As albums go, everything seems to be held together by a unifying concept, but there is enough variety and mystery to make every twist and turn in the plot a unique adventure… Those not yet acquainted with Ilitch might do well to start right here with Lena's Life. Recommended.» Peter Thelen, Exposé

Ilitch web site:

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The soul of a mountain wolf (CD)
Fractal 182 

1. Ramble
2. Anger
3. Twilight

New 2nd album by the japanese AMT trio, an outfit led by Magic Aum GiGi alias Jerome Genin, Fractal owner for the fake secret. THE SOUL OF A MOUNTAIN WOLF is a concept album, short and definetely ROCK dominated by wild fuzz psychedelic guitar.

Chants magnétiques (CD)
Fractal 180 

1. Vibrations
2. Aquarythm
3. Entropie
4. Ondes
5. Plus-moins
6. Pulsion
7. Feed-back
9. Asynchronique

Here is a MASTERPIECE of electronic music! French musician Bernard Parmegiani - see his biography in the previous CD release on Fractal "JAZZEX" Fractal 028 – has composed CHANTS MAGNETIQUES in 1974, one of the most sough after Bernard Parmegiani’s album – a monster rarity which is almost impossible to find. This obscure album was composed around the same time as DE NATURA SONORUM during the mid-seventies, a particularly important and effervescent era for Bernard Parmegiani. Indeed, as if one can say that DE NATURA SONORUM is one of the best Parmegiani’s "serious" works in terms of technics-sound-harmonic-tone, then there is no doubt that CHANTS MAGNETIQUES is his chef-d’œuvre on his "dark side", the "Parmegiani’s hidden face" that few peoples knows nowadays.
A collection of 9 united tracks under the title album name CHANTS MAGNETIQUES/MAGNETIC FIELDS - titled before Jean Michel Jarre’s album - and musically, in summary, more experimental, more organic, more spacey in compare to his famous INA-GRM works. This reissue on CD for the first time will rejoice all music lovers from Edgar Varese, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Tod Dokstader to Musica Elletronica Viva, Nurse With Wound, Organum, Conrad Schnitzler. Official remastered edition from the original master tapes with the original cover sleeve.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues featuring the Sun Love and the Heavy Metal Thunder (CD)
Fractal 179 

Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues featuring the Sun Love and the Heavy Metal Thunder (2LP)
Fractal 174 

1. Sandoza Death Blues
2. The Tale of the Garden of Sandoza
3. Rock on Brain
4. Acid Mothers Rock'n'Roll
5. Freaks your Mind & your LSD Piss will Follow
6. Là-bas


WARNING : Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues is a different group than the well-knows Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO and Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno.
This new Japanese band was created in April 2005 by Magic Aum Gigi (ex-Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO). His main works with the Melting Paraiso UFO can be found on the album “Absolutely Freak-Out” (2001), the compilation “Do whatever you want, don’t do whatever you don’t want !!” (2002), and has released his own solo album “MMMM (My Metal Machine Music)” (2004).
Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues is an underground punk blues trio composed by two guitarists (Tsuchy, Magic Aum Gigi) with one drum (Mai Mai). Their first album : “Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues featuring the Sun Love and the Heavy Metal Thunder” is a deep raw trip and a wild transgression of the mother nature filtred by the occult powers ! This love potion is made by thunder guitars, power drums, plus various electronics and acoustics sounds, and vocals. If reviewers have often compared the sound of Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO closed to Amon Düül 2, so, Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues sounds closed to Amon Düül 1. A surprising and an impressive first recording in this beginning of new century that you should hear to believe it !
Available on CD (Fractal 179) and double vinyl LP, limited 281 copies (Fractal 174).

AVERTISSEMENT :  Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues est une formation complètement différente que les fameux Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO and Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno.
Ce nouveau groupe japonais a été créé en Avril 2005 par Magic Aum Gigi (ex- Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO). Ses principales participations avec les "Melting Paraiso UFO" se trouvent sur l’album « Absolutely Freak-Out » (2001), la compilation « Do whatever you want, don’t do whatever you don’t want !! » (2002), et a aussi sortie son propre album solo « MMMM (My Metal Machine Music) » (2004).
Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues est un trio underground punk blues, compose par deux guitaristes (Tsuchy, Magic Aum Gigi) avec une batterie (Mai Mai). Leur premier album : “Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues featuring the Sun Love and the Heavy Metal Thunder” est un profond voyage cru et une transgression sauvage de la mère nature filtré par les pouvoirs occultes. Cette potion d’amour est faite de guitares tonnerre, puissante batterie, et diverses sons électroniques et acoustiques, avec voix. Si les critiques ont souvent comparés le son de Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO proche de Amon Düül 2, alors, Acid Mothers Temple & The Pink Ladies Blues sonne proche de Amon Düül 1. Un étonnant et impressionnant premier enregistrement en ce début de nouveau siècle que l’on doit entendre pour le croire !
Disponible en version Cd (Fractal 179) et double vinyl LP, limité à 281 copies (Fractal 179).

Some Cocktail Suggestions (LP)
Fractal 173 

1. Boosting Bennies
2. Junky Room
3. Tea-Cup Queen (1)
4. Ultimate Soul Killer
5. 1958 Tunes
6. Strange Apartment
7. Sounds Of More Broken Glass
8. Spectroscope
9. Perilous Seas
10. Tea-Cup Queen (2)
11. The Garden Of Allah

SOME COCKTAIL SUGGESTIONS (mars 2005) est le prolongement logique et inévitable des deux premiers albums, WITH (JUNK-SAUCEPAN) WHEN (SPOON-TRIGGER) (décembre 1970 - sortie en 1971) et SMOOTH SICK LIGHTS (juin 1972 - sortie en 1977), en somme le troisième volet d’une trilogie et qui pourrait s’intituler : “Mahogany Brain ou comment jouer à la roulette russe dans les paradis artificiels”. 35 années pour une trilogie inexplicable ! Cependant, si on regarde le premier disque sur Futura symboliquement comme “l’injection de drogues” (la véritable pochette originale était une photo montrant un bras avec une seringue et suite à l’arrêt de publier le fameux cliché pour raison de censure de l’époque, le groupe choisit une pochette entièrement noire en guise de deuil). Le deuxième sur Pôle (au titre clin d’oeil à “Sister Ray”) serait plutôt “l’action” comme le suggère le morceau phare qui ouvre l’album “Green winter of revolvers” qui est la bande son du court métrage insensé de Michel Bulteau “Main Line” ou l’on voit le groupe se passant la camera à tour de role en train de se shooter et résolu à filmer leur propre mort s’il le fallait ! Quant au dernier, l’image serait “la diffusion dans le corps et ses effets” et il aurait pu être la bande son idéale pour le film “Towers Open Fire” d’Antony Balch. Mahogany Brain à toujours developpé une musique radicale, imprévisible, dure, volontairement inachevée, et avec ce nouvel album, ils poursuivent l’aventure encore plus loin : décomposition de la musique, recomposition des voix juxtaposées, flou artistique, collages, guitares enragées, tout fusionne dans un magma rock accidenté très rythmé. L’harmonie dans la densité de SOME COCKTAIL SUGGESTIONS avec ce son unique et inimitable propre à Mahogany Brain et avec leur brin de naiveté et d’innocence touche ici à la quintessence de leur savoir faire. Alors, tout vient à point à celui qui sait attendre ! Quelle étrange destinée... Mahogany Brain a été créé pendant l’été 1970, et composé par deux personalités centrales, les alter ego Michel Bulteau (leader et fondateur du groupe) et Patrick Geoffrois (l’homme sans qui Mahogany Brain n’aurait jamais pu exister). Ecrivain, cinéaste, Bulteau a réalisé aussi 5 albums en solo (dont “Rinçures” sur Fractal en 1999) c’est le dernier des poètes électriques et sa rencontre avec Geoffrois fut également électrique... Bulteau a créé un groupe de rock mais c’est Geoffrois qui a créé la dynamique du groupe. Geoffrois était un écorché vif, un jusq’au boutiste, et il rappel un peu l’esprit révolté et destructeur d’un certain Peter Laughner (Rocket From The Tombs), il rejoindra le groupe de James Chance & the Contorsions à New-York à la fin des années 70 ou il semera d’ailleurs la zizanie ! Michel Bulteau raconte superbement l’histoire incroyable de Patrick Geoffrois dans son livre hommage “Un héros de New York” (Editions de La Différence : Deux énergies fortes complémentaires et spontanéité, le processus était enclenché. Mahogany Brain est un groupe atypique dans l’underground parisien, ils jouent avec leurs tripes et aussi avec leurs veines, c’est une experience hors limite, non-conventionel, avec seulement un concert unique dans toute leur histoire, et probablement la formation la plus subversive qu’il y ait eu de voir en France ! SOME COCKTAIL SUGGESTIONS est incontestablement de la matière dangereuse... à déguster avec de grands whiskys.

Brand new and third album by the 70’s french underground free-rock cult band Mahogany Brain. SOME COCKTAIL SUGGESTIONS (March 2005) is the logical and inevitable prolongation of the first two albums, WITH (JUNK-SAUCEPAN) WHEN (SPOON-TRIGGER) (December 1970 - released in 1971) and SMOOTH SICK LIGHTS (June 1972 - released in 1977), all in all the third shutter of a trilogy and which could be entitled: “Mahogany Brain or how to play Russian roulette in the artificial paradises”. 35 years for an unexplainable trilogy ! However, if one symbolically looks at the first album on Futura as “the injection of drugs” (the true original record cover was a photograph showing an arm with a syringe and following the stop to publish the famous stereotype for reason of censure of the time, the group chooses an entirely black cover as a mourning). The second on Pôle (with the title wink in “Sister Ray”) would be rather “the action” as it the track headlight suggests which opens the album “Green winter of revolvers” which is the soundtrack of the crazy short film of Michel Bulteau “Main Line” or one sees the group in action of drugs injection, each one taken the camera and determined to film their dead if...! As for the last, the image would be “the diffusion in the body and its effects” and it could have been the ideal soundtrack for the film “Towers Open Fire” of Antony Balch. Mahogany Brain with always developed a music radical, unforeseeable, hard, voluntarily unfinished, and with this new album, they continue the adventure even further: decomposition of the music, recomposition of the juxtaposed voices, artistic blur, collages, mad guitars, all very amalgamates in a magma broken rock'n'roll. The harmony in the density of SOME COCKTAIL SUGGESTIONS with this single  and inimitable sound suitable for Mahogany Brain and with their bit of naivety and innocence touches here with quintessence to know to them to make. Then, all comes at the right moment to that which can wait ! Which strange destiny… Mahogany Brain was created during the summer 1970, and was composed by two central personalities, the alter ego Michel Bulteau (leader and founder of the group) and Patrick Geoffrois (the man without whom Mahogany Brain could never have existed). Writer, film maker, Bulteau also carried out 5 albums in solo (whose “Rinçures” on Fractal in 1999) it is the last of the electric poets and its meeting with Geoffrois was also electric… Bulteau created a rock band but it is Geoffrois which created the dynamics of the group. Geoffrois was a sharp sectional view, and he recall a little the revolted and destroying spirit of a certain Peter Laughner (Rocket From The Tombs), he will join later the group of James Chance & the Contorsions in New York at the end of the Seventies or he will sow the discord besides ! Michel Bulteau superbly tells the incredible history of Patrick Geoffrois in his book homage “Un héros de New York” (Editions de La Différence :
Two complementary strong energies and spontaneousness, the process was engaged. Mahogany Brain is an atypical group in the Parisian underground, they play with their tripe and as with their veins, it is an experience out of the limit, not-conventional, with only one concert in all their history, and probably the most subversive formation as there was to see in France ! SOME COCKTAIL SUGGESTIONS is incontestably matter dangerous… to taste with great whiskeys.  

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Psychedelic Polyhedron (CD)
Fractal 030 

1. Show the cloven hoof
2. Cardinal virtues
3. Solid static (bonus track)

First CD reissue of the long time deleted MAINLINER‘s second album featuring the legendary heavy psychedelic trio : Asahito NANJO (bass, vocal), Makoto KAWABATA (guitar), Tatsuya YOSHIDA (drums). Warning : including an unreleased 10 minutes ultra killer track as bonus ! An absolute must for all fans of this unique Japanese Underground scene from the late 90’s.

KEIKO KOJIMA (Single 7")
Fractal 029 

1. Taikoku no Kage
2. Real

Taikoku no Kage / Real. Two punkish rock’n’roll songs composed by vocalist & guitarist Keiko Kojima (ex-drummer of Tokyo’s 80’s female punk band UNION & ex-vocalist of 90’s band MOVE). For this recording, with the help of bassist Monaka Wada (ex-member of 80’s BACHIKABURI) and MATHILDA RODRIGUEZ’s drummer Sumitada Koseki. A pure & straight recording (summer 2004) in the Tokyo Rockers 80’s spirit, beautifully sung by a delicate and energetic japanese sugar voice. Limited white vinyl edition.

JazzEx (CD)
Fractal 028 

1. JazzEx
2. Pop' eclectic
3. Du pop à l'âne
4. Et après (LIVE)

This album is a collection of early works from the late 60’s by the french electro-acoustic composer Bernard PARMEGIANI. Born in Paris (1927) and rich of a “catalogue des oeuvres” of more than 60 pieces, including classics such as “Violistries” 1965, “La Roue Ferris” 1971, “Pour en finir avec le pouvoir d’Orphée” 1971/72, “De Natura Sonorum” 1974/75, the 4 pieces presented in this edition is a perfect exemple for discovering the unusual territories and the eclectism language of the composer: “JazzEx” for electronic tape and Jazz Quartet (Jean-Louis Chautemps: saxophone, Bernard Vitet: trompet, Charles Saudrais: drums, Gilbert Rovère: bass) create at the Festival de Royan in 1966. “Pop Eclectic” 1969, is an electro-acoustic divertimento composed for the Peter Foldés movie. “Du pop à l’âne” 1969, is a collage plunderphonics work. And “Et après” 1973, is an electronic tango featuring Michel Portal on bandoneon. The present version is unreleased and was recorded live at the Festival Manca in 1996. Liner notes by Jean-Louis Chautemps.

Contemporary Kagura-Metaphysics
Fractal 027 

1. Contemporary kagura-metaphysics
2. Shibikyu-spiritual change leading to alchemical transmission
3. Mythical meditation of phantom genesis and confused sphere
4. Heaven ward gate for inspiration

A work of contemporary music performed in the rock idiom by Japanese underground rock legend, Asahito Nanjo. Nanjo is active in a wide variety of rock groups, but Group Musica exits in order to pursue a more universal musical vibration. Group Musica is an ensemble that pursues the free use of every type of Western and Eastern musical instrument, is propelled by the vibrations of very subtle rhythms, and that has internalized the methodology of minimalism. The concept behind this album is transform KAGURA, an ancient form of Japanese music and dance that was performed for the gods, and is to convert the ideas of “Secret teachings” and ancient Chinese methods of divination (the I-Ching) into a metaphysics of musical vibrations. The concept of KAGURA allows Group Musica to create a unique work that is an experimental symphonic composition, which nonetheless has many rich improvisatory elements. In this unique work, the symbolic/philosophical nature of ancient esotericism is incorporated as improvisation, while the I-Ching is related to avant-garde symphonics. These are then fused into a total concept. Many different musicians from various genres participate in Group Musica, but their contributions are filtered through Nanjo’s musical sense and thus altered, fused and structured. It is for this reason that remain anonymous - Group Musica exists as a total entity. Recorded in 1993 & 1994, this album is a colossal long studio works which has necessitated more than 400 overdubbings. An extraordinary adventure in sounds and the most astonishing musical project by High Rise’s leader !    

MUSIQUE CONCRET/ Bringing up baby
Fractal 026 

Music by Jim Friedman & Michael Mullen.

1. Incidents in rural places
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
2. Organorgan
3. Wreath pose at sacrifice

Reissue of a rare UK album from 1981. Musique Concret were an obscur London duo composed by Jim Friedman & Michael Mullen with a short  lived musical history : their sole album “Bringing up baby” was originally released on Steven Stapleton’s label United Dairies and there is also one short track on compilation. This is a great experimental power electronics works with the use of many delay and echo, tape recorder manipulations, collages, rhythms box, noise, and others studio trickery, naturally close to Nurse With Wound first period, Faust or others german 70’s innovative bands. Completely forgotten nowadays, “Bringing up baby” is really much more than just an interesting curiosity, it’s a true highly original recordings from the early 80’s. A lost jewel !    

TOHO SARA/Hourouurin(CD)
Fractal 025 

1. Hourouurin part 1
2. Hourouurin part 2
3. Hourouurin part 3

The Japanese underground band Johari was create in 1990 by the magic duo Asahito Nanjo (High Rise) and Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) and will became later, in 1995, this shamanistic avant-garde formation Toho Sara. “Hourouurin” is their third opus, after two albums on PSF “Eastern most” (1995) and “Mei Jou Tan Sho” (1999) and some live performances in Europe during the years 1996 and 1997. “Hourouurin” is a weird unit who attempt to achieve a mystic fusion of ethnic music and rock, according to their own unique methodology. They create a strange musical aura where the vibrations of folk instruments from around the world and electronics merge weirdly. These bizarre recordings enbrace musical shamanism on the one hand, and a subversion of western musical concepts into the abyss of rock on the other. Toho Sara is here at their most mystic side. Acid.  

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ILITCH / Hors temps-Out of time (CD)
Fractal 024 

1. Timeless
2. G3 quant investing G4
3. La voie
4. La visite au musée
5. Quelque chose indéfinissable,
de toutes parts, dans l’air…
6. Le corps de la musique
7. Hard (It’s too…)
8. Hors du temps
9. Stillintrouble… (PMT Krautransemix)

Thierry Muller -Ilitch’s head- is the multi-intrumentalist dark experimental french composer who started his musical carreer with the band Arcane as an underground electronics improvisations outfit around the years 1974. Albums “Periodkmintrouble” 1978 & “10 suicides” 1980 were Ilitch first two works followed by the Ruth pop synth project “Polaroid/roman/photo” in 1985. All three are now reissued on CD with many unreleased bonus material by Fractal Records. Well received by many critics today, Ilitch took a solid place in the french underground scene from that area and was a serious source of influence on several groups/artists such as The Legendary Pink Dots for instance. After 24 years, the third and brand new Ilitch album is now released, titled ironically “Hors Temps / Out of time” and was composed during the last five years. More than a gap, it’s a generation of sounds in between... and Thierry Muller is at the rendez-vous : a full album in 9 electropopsonics excursions through the time with a pleiade of colored sounds (vocals, guitar, farfisa, drums, percussions, rhythmic programms, treated piano etc...). From the mellow pop to the angry waves, “Hors Temps / Out of time” is a blink at the early hours and a poetic reflexion and vision on life. With the participation of the great musician poet Philippe Doray ! Subtle pop power for adult entertainment. Rendez-vous Hors Temps.

Featuring Philippe Doray, Guillaume Loizillon,
Patrick Müller, Ben Ritter, Laurent Saïet,
Jean-Marc Trioullier, Hervé Zénouda  

Univers Zen ou de Zéro à Zéro (4LPs)
Fractal 020412

1. Electric love machine
2. Ange mécanique de Saturne
3. Blues pour bible noire
4. Soleil de cristal et lune d’argent
5. La femme qui a été vendue par le monde
6. Trinité orphique
7. Hell cats of outer space, Part 1
8. Hell cats of outer space, Part 2
9. God bless AMT
10. Soleil de cristal et lune d’argent (live)
11. Pink lady limonade (live)

“Univers Zen ou de Zéro à Zéro” triple album studio,
the complete session with unreleased tracks
+ one bonus disc : LIVE IN EUROPE 2002
with full color Insert.
Over 160 minutes.

For fan only :
a special acid colored vinyl edition
4LPs on 4 colors (green, pink, yellow & blue).
Limited 50 copies.
(available nowhere else).

“A veritable orgy of sweaty psychedelic madness.
It’s got all the heavy stompers, trance-inducing drones,
and pretty sipping-tea-in-a-japanese-garden ballads
that a psych-rock fan could ever wish for.”


“Univers Zen... is an absolute must for everyone.”

KNEAD / This melting happiness I want you to realize that it is another trap (LP)
Fractal 023 

Haino Keiji : Guitar, vocal
Yoshida Tatsuya : Drums
Sasaki Hisashi : Bass

Live at Showboat, Tokyo, August 10th, 2001.

KNEAD second album. Power group formed by HAINO KEIJI and THE RUINS.
Limited vinyl edition, 220 gr. / 500 copies.

Fractal TWIN volume ONE (2 CD)
Fractal 021 

Itakura Mineko, Iuchi Kengo,
Kawabata Makoto, Kousokuya,
Kuriyama Jun, Miminokoto,
Miyamoto Naoaki, Mukai Chie,
Nagai Seiji, Overhang Party,
Space Machine, Tabata Mitsuru,
Totsuzen Danball, Tsuyama Atsushi,
Urabe Masayoshi.

First volume of The Fractal TWIN project. A new thema concept compilation featuring 15 artists and unreleased long tracks. Digipack edition.

Electric Love Machine
Fractal 0207 
Limited edition of 600 copies :
(200 transparent, 200 green vinyl,
200 yellow vinyl).

1. Electric Love Machine
2. Cosmo Chiva

Electric Love Machine (different than CD version) / Cosmo Chiva (unreleased).

Electric Love Machine (different than CD version) / Cosmo Chiva (unreleased).

Limited edition of 600 copies :
> 200 transparent vinyl,
> 200 green vinyl,
> 200 yellow vinyl).

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Univers Zen ou de zéro à zéro (CD)
Fractal 020 

Cotton Casino
Tsuyama Atsushi
Koizumi Hajime
Higashi Hiroshi
Magic Aum Gigi
Father Mooooooooooooo
Kawabata Makoto

1. Electric Love Machine
2. Ange mécanique de Saturne
3. Blues pour bible noire
4. Trinité orphique
5. Soleil de cristal et lune d'argent
6. God bless AMT

With 6 years of existence and already a rich discography, around a dozen of titles, Acid Mothers Temple presents today their new studio album, and which is in fact the 6th of the band (after the three first on PSF, “New geocentric world of AMT” and “Absolutely freak-out” - all others are considered by Makoto Kawabata himself, as AMT’s special concept releases). “Univers zen ou de zéro à zéro” is a full recording, with the “whole world” of AMT...from spirit to love, freak-out psychedelia, cosmic folk, blues, humour... a great introduction for all new listeners, and maybe, for all fans, another magic mushroom treasure ! Indeed, musically, it is probably one of the best achievement, including the demented opening track “Electric Love Machine” (or how see 40 years of acid rock !). But impossible to avoid the two magnum opus (of more than 20 min. each) forming the cornerstone of the album, and also the first studio version of the emblematic “God bless AMT” (only plays live as ending) and more... plenty of freaky guitars, space electronics, monster bass etc.. and super revolution in Cotton super Casino’s vocals : in almost all tracks, she sings ala Mady Gula Blue Heaven style, delicate, beauty, dreams ! Special guest in this album, the great guitarist Hiroshi Narazaki (ex Les Rallizes Dénudés, Zuno Keisatsu, Port Cuss).
Archangels thunderbird brings the New Rock from the cosmos...

MUSICA TRANSONIC/ Hard rock transonic / CD
Fractal 019 

Asahito Nanjo
Makoto Kawabata
Tatsuya Yoshida


After three years of silence and 5 albums released by the Japanese label PSF, here is the brand new 6th album of Musica Transonic. Brilliant musical concept create in 1995 by Asahito Nanjo, and which can be describe as an heavy improvised rock group.
“Hard Rock Transonic” have of course the sound trade mark of all Musica Transonic albums, but this one keeps an ultimate high tension till the beginning to the end, a no time to breathe experience. Hard speed music and exciting riff, in the vein of “Alkimiya Uptight” (first track of the first album) but with a much more clearer mix !! In a way, a more raw and naked sound, in the 70’s heavy rock spirit, but unveiled as the best all the monstrous rage and the dexterity of the musicians on this recording : ultra killer fuzz guitar (including some of the best solo of Makoto Kawabata’s musical career !), perfect and powerful drums by Ruin’s leader Tatsuya Yoshida. Deeply excessive and truly amazing.

Fractal 018 

1. Israel
2. One
3. Babel

Ohkami No Jikan is a Japanese psychedelic group led by Asahito Nanjo (vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards, composer, producer). Nanjo is the leader of many other groups, including High Rise, Musica Transonic and Toho Sara. Apart from Nanjo, the line-up is not fixed but varies according to the concept that the group is following at any particular time.
Members of many Japanese underground groups, including Fushitsusha, Les Rallizes Dénudés, Toho Sara and Holy Angel have participated in Ohkami No Jikan, pursuing different musical approaches. Depending upon the members and concept the sound of this unique group varies dramatically, the one constant is the vibration created by Nanjo.
As a psychedelic group that explores all music, from heavy, dark sounds to jazz, contemporary and experimental, Ohkami No Jikan occupies an important position in the Japanese underground scene.
After only three tracks available on compilation (“Tokyo Flashback 2” PSF, “Japan:new psychedelic underground” Manifatture Criminali & “Live from the devil’s triangle, Vol.2” KFJC-FM), “Mort Nuit” is their first album. They concentrate on the heaviness of minimal music : a dark group textures that psychedelicise the gap between the silence of medieval music and the dynamism of 20th century composition.

Musiq musik / CD
Fractal 017 

Jacques Berrocal
Dominique Coster

1. Pièces à Lanam (5:42)
2. Leïla concerto (6:44)
3. Anonymous (6:29)
4. Cryptea (10:50)

“Musiq Musik” is the first album of Jacques Berrocal. In 1970, he create the MUSIK ENSEMBLE with the accordionist Claude Parle, the painter Michel Potage and Roger Ferlet. Recorded during two year between 1971 and 1972 as a trio (with Dominique Coster & Roger Ferlet), “Musiq Musik” was released in 1973 by Futura Records on the legendary SON series (Raymond Boni, Bernard Vitet, Semool etc...). Insinuate by the spelling of the title, this album is a real fireworks of transgression of sounds, wonderfully represent by 4 tracks, composed by Jacques Berrocal, mixed by Jef Gilson, and played with a myriad of instruments (trumpet, bells, percussions, trombone, Pakistani horn, flute shénaï, Tibetan conch shell, double horn, horn of ramadan, cymbals, cornet, harmonium, vocal...) and some non-musical (whistles, balloon, ropes, explosives !). Beautiful sounds with oriental and experimental touch, it can be regards in a certain way as a fusion of THE MASTER MUSICIANS OF JAJOUKA and THE ART ENSEMBLE OF CHICAGO. Contemporary ethnic music or subversive jazz album ? Anyway, more than ever, “Musiq Musik” is Jacques Berrocal’s trademark !
Failing to get the original edition who change hands for big money, this masterpiece is now available on CD for the first time, reissue from the original master tapes and including the original vinyl cover.

FILLE QUI MOUSSE/Se taire pour une femme trop belle / CD
Fractal 016 

1. Barbara Lowengreen Speed-Way
2. Mirroir nagait dans le lac du Bois de Boulogne
3. Princesse nuage
4. Amour-Gel
5. Derrière le paravent
6. Bubble gun à Jacqueline prothèse
7. Tibhora-Parissalla
8. Magic-Bag
10. Gibet-Jasmine Ordination
11. Annal-Mandrake-Cool non imperial News

FILLE QUI MOUSSE is a french mysterious underground band in the early 70’s, as virulent as RED NOISE or KOMINTERN. The story of a band with a unique and only album, originally planned on the Futura Records label, but never released officially and which became one of the most rare item in France.
From the Audion Magazine (n°32), FILLE QUI MOUSSE is quote as the french FAUST : “Straight off, we plunge into the FAUST structure, riffing with a psychedelic bent, hints of Gong too. An album of this sort of thing would have been great, but FILLE QUI MOUSSE were much more radical than that, as we move into bizarrely constructed patterns of percussive sound and chopped-up rock music, and just as a musical focus takes shape it disappears. A poem, recited by a girl, over an urban soundscape populated by numerous barking dogs then gives way to an intensely strange mangled web of sound that’s almost brain numbing. And, yet more in the way of strangeness is a piano based piece that recalls some of ROGER DOYLE’s early experiments. The only actual song has the most bizarre lyrics (in English) and is followed by an excursion in distorted and processed guitar. Next is where the folk music comes in, but even with gypsy violin, FILLE QUI MOUSSE’s interpretation of folk is strange and twisted. Finally, we return to the psychedelic jamming that opened the album, but with a jazzier edge, ending the album perfectly”.
The very first OFFICIAL edition of the FILLE QUI MOUSSE album finally available now (warning : the two previous 90’s releases of that album were CDs bootlegs : full of mistakes, forget them !). All right informations and original documents on this edition in a 16 pages booklet : complete line up, right name of the tracks, dates, composers... and original documents never published before : original liner notes and original cover. Essential for all fans !

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Musique électro-acoustique / CD
Fractal 015 

1. Pour la Paix (26:35)
2. Voyage absolu des Unari vers Andromède (15:29)

Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001) is one of the most influential composer of the second half of the 20th century. “Musique électro-acoustique” is a homage edition who present as the title said two electroacoustic pieces from the 80’s and realized on the UPIC computer : Pour la paix (1981) and Voyage absolu des Unari vers Andromède (1989).
UPIC (Unité Polyagogique Informatique du CEMAMu) is a “real machine who compose”, which allows music to be composed by the act of drawing. Iannis Xenakis composed four electroacoustic pieces on this computer system, which the first was for the Polytope Mycènes-Alpha (1978) and which announced a new area in the works and research in electroacoustic music of the composer.
Pour la paix is a 26 minutes unreleased track, who denounce the terrible plague which is war, a symbolic and key piece in the works and life of Iannis Xenakis, himself wounded by the war in his youth forever. The minced structure of the composition made by numerous shorts sequences, alternately by a raw, savage music and narrative sequences (from a strong text by Françoise Xenakis) and others sings by a mixed choir. Twenty years after it’s creation, Pour la paix is available for the first time. Voyage absolu des Unari vers Andromède was create on April 1st, 1989 in Japan in the temple Kamejama Hontokuji in Himeji for the inauguration of the International Exposition of Paper Kates, organized by the Goethe-Institute in Osaka. A poetic, dynamic, spacey trip in motion. This piece, typically recognizable of the “Xenakis” style, rich in sounds is one of the most interested create on the UPIC system. Includes a 16 pages booklet (french/english).

RUTH / Polaroïd/Roman/Photo / CD
Fractal 014 

1. Thriller (5:24)
2. Polaroïd/Roman/Photo (5:00)
3. She brings the rain (5:03)
4. Misty mouse (in mogadon's land) (4:54)
5. Mabelle (3:47)
6.Mots (5:18)
7.Tu m'ennuies (10:20)
8. Polaroïd/Roman/Photo (4:47)
(cotton wool mix 84) bonus track
9. Sans mots (6:51)
(L'Orchestre inachevé-remix 2001)
bonus track
10. Polaroïd/Roman/Photo (6:18)
(Instrumental) bonus track

Remastered CD reissue of the third album of Thierry Müller (aka ILITCH) released in 1985 under the name of RUTH ( in dedication to Ruth who "left"), with a 16 pages booklet (which includes the remastering of the original vinyl booklet), plus three bonus tracks : two versions of Polaroïd/roman/photo from 1982 & 1984 and a remix track by L’Orchestre Inachevé (aka Patrick Müller and Laurent Saïet).
For this RUTH album, Thierry Muller had the collaboration of Phippe Doray, Frédérique Lapierre, and Edouard Nono for the texts, Marc Duconseille for some arrangements and the help of several other musicians. This ensemble gives a very musical and structured album, with fine arrangements which give, like in Ilitch’s albums, some powerful climates.
We can define “Polaroïd/roman/photo”, if its possible, like a relax mood erotic-melodic-synthe-80’s pop album.
Polaroïd/roman/photo (the track, text by Philippe Doray) , with Mots and Mabelle ( a kind of ”disco” revisited version of Waiting for Mabelle on Ilitch/10 suicides) are, in 85’ and even now, cult in Germany, northern Europe and Japan.
At last and not at least, we can listen to a clever cover of She brings the rain by Can. The first cover of a Can piece recorded and published on a LP.

For more informations, click on cover.

ILITCH / 10 suicides / 2CD
Fractal 013 

Disc 1
1. Elle voulait que je sois drôle(4:28)
2. Symphoninachevée (4:05)
3. N.A. (no answer) (4:28)
4. Waiting for Mabelle (6:26)
5. Coma programma 1 (3:07)
6.Soupirs (4:57)
7. Peripherikredcommando (4:16)
8. Larsen lumpen (2:24)
9. Brisure (3:36)
10. Coma programma 2 (3:34)
11. Culture (11:29) bonus track

Disc 2 (bonus CD)
1. Comme "A" programma (4:35)
2. Comma programma (16:45)
1. "," programma (31:03)

“10 suicides” is ILITCH’s second album from 1980. This remastered reissue on a double CD present on disc one, the entire album of “10 suicides”, plus the track Culture from the single of the art magazine Sgraffite 5/6 - 1980. The second disc bonus present the complete “Coma Programma” session. With a 20 pages booklet including the "remastering" of the original vinyl booklet. Full color artwork.
The 10 compositions of this concept album are musical transpositions of 10 suicides situations, 10 suicides feelings. It can sound like a real hymn to suicide but, like in any suicides, on the road to death you can always feel a strong and deep idea of inner life. It is in fact a logic suite to the first album “Periodikmindtrouble”, but with more maturity,ideas in his construction and more various instruments used : vocoder guitar, sequencer, synthetizer, bass, saxophone, piano, harmonium, noise, treatments, vocals. Thierry Müller suggest as well a music to make anxious, of sensory isolation which oscillate between after punk and nihilist new wave. Original.
“Dominated by treated guitar & synthe, the waves of altered sound & distorted vocals invoke a harsh sonic impressionism. Vocoder & other devices are employed complementing the overall impact perfectly” (Eurock n°16 - June 1980).
The complete “Coma Programma” session is a total invasion in the realm of Krautrock. Deep cosmic trippy sounds by Patrick & Thierry Müller (respectively EMS & treated guitar), live recordings in Paris ‘76,’77&’78. 50 minutes of highly well inspired improvised music.

"Ilitch was a major influence for Legendary Pink Dots yet their music remained mostly unheard outside France. Happily, Fractal Records have released the first two Ilitch albums from 1979 and 1980 on CD. In fact, rather than simply re-print the albums, both releases contain an extra CD of fantastic bonus material. Both are absolutely essential; dark as a moonlight walk through a neglected Parisian suburb, beautiful as a sunset over a polluted canal. Contact FRACTAL RECORDS and when you’ve heard them, congratulate the creator, Thierry. Titles of the two releases are "Periodikmindtrouble" and "10 Suicides". I might add that Fractal records have released more impressive CDs."
Edward Ka-Spel, Legendary Pink Dots

For more informations, click on cover.

ILITCH / Periodikmindtrouble / 2CD
Fractal 012 

Disc 1
1. Periodikmindtrouble (25:16)
2. Ballades urbaines (23:17)
3. (18:47) bonus track
4. Micik für brokenpedalboard (3:29) bonus track

Disc 2
1. Innerfilmsequences (75:28)

Periodikmindtrouble is Ilitch's (a.k.a Thierry Muller) first album, released on Oxygène Record in 1978. This reissue present for the first time the complete works of Periodikmindtrouble such as it had been conceived and should be released at that time : as a double LP. So, here is on this double CD (including a 12 pages color booklet) the following musical works : the album "Periodikmindtrouble" in its entirety, plus the complete recordings of "Innerfilmsequences", plus the unreleased track "Ballades urbaines", plus some archives from 1974 as bonus tracks (Total Time : 146 minutes). Thierry Muller is a french guitarist. The music is electronic, experimental, harsh, repetitive, personal and can be compare with Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Cluster, Conrad Schnitzler, Kraftwerk, Terry Riley, Philip Glass, Heldon, Lard Free.

"The newly re-mastered, materially enhanced double disc PERIODIKMINDTROUBLE reissue is a truly mind-boggling musical experience. It contains the entire original album + almost 100 minutes of additional music featuring some of the most powerful electronics, keyboards and guitar soundscapes I’ve ever heard. This music is pure experimental genius". A. P., Eurock, spring 2001.

For more informations, click on cover.

Extrême-Onction / CD
Fractal 011 

1. Gisant sur le sol rouge (20:08)
2. La nuit de la trahison (11:29)
3. Casino des trépassés (pour Tristan Corbière) (16:43)

Makoto Kawabata : Electric guitar Jean-François Pauvros : Electric guitar
Recorded in Paris at the Studio Bleu, november 8th, 1999.

New album recorded in Paris in November 1999. Extrême-Onction is above all the result of the first encounter between two nomadic soul guitarists : Japan's Makoto Kawabata and France's Jean-François Pauvros.
Extrême-Onction is a long, distrurbing and totally improvised instrumental suite cut into three distinct tracks. This album owes much to the high dynamism of the recording session, enhanced by the combination of effects and harmonic guitar work, which go to create a kaleidoscopic sound space rich in contrasts. Atmospheric, floating music which vibrates and loses itself or becomes restless, even sickly, with strident friction from the bowed guitar work which imbues the album with real evocative power. You can imagine a Manuel Gottsching/Glenn Branca duo, but this one bears the distinctive stamp of Makoto Kawabata and Jean-François Pauvros – two different styles in osmosis for a concept album. This record must be played loud.

Nouvel album enregistré à Paris en novembre 1999, "Extrême-onction" est avant tout le résultat d'une première rencontre entre deux guitaristes d'âmes nomades : le japonais Makoto KAWABATA et le français Jean-François PAUVROS.
PAUVROS est un guitariste atypique au jeu insaisissable et décapant, une figure marquante de l'Underground Parisien. Eclaireur dans l'improvisation électrique, il est éclatant dans le groupe CATALOGUE aux cotés de Jac BERROCAL et de Gilbert ARTMAN à la fin des années 70, et se montre comme un artiste créatif au regard de ses albums solo, groupes MARTEAU ROUGE, LES 4 FILLES DE L'INDUSTRIE, et ses nombreuses collaborations : Gaby BIZIEN, Siegfried KESSLER, Setsuko CHIBA, Michel BULTEAU, Keiji HAINO etc...
KAWABATA est plus connu aujourd'hui comme le leader/guru de la communauté psychédélique ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O, et doté d'une expérience musicale déjà bien remplie : plusieurs albums solo et membre des groupes japonais : EROCHIKA, MAINLINER, MUSICA TRANSONIC, SEIKAZOKU, TOHO SARA, TSURABAMI, ZOFFY, NISHINIHON etc...
"Extrême-onction" est une longue suite instrumentale troublante totalement improvisée et découpée en trois pièces distinctes. Ce disque tiens beaucoup à la grande dynamique obtenu lors de l'enregistrement, élaboré dans la combinaison des effets et du jeu des guitares en harmoniques, créant un espace sonore kaléidoscopique constrasté. Musique aérienne, flottante, qui vibre et se perd ou qui devient inquiétante, maladive, avec des sons frottés, stridents, par l'utilisation des archets, confèrant à l'album un véritable pouvoir d'évocation. On pourrait imaginer un duo Manuel GÖTTSCHING/Glenn BRANCA, mais ce disque est bien une marque de fabrique Makoto KAWABATA/Jean-François PAUVROS -– deux styles différents en osmose pour un concept album. THIS RECORD MUST BE PLAYED LOUD.

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IANNIS XENAKIS / Persepolis / CD
Fractal 0X 

1. Persepolis (55:06)

Création : 26 août 1971, Persepolis, Festival de Shiraz (Iran).
Pour bande magnétique 8 pistes - 8 channel electronic tape.
Bande réalisée à Paris, Studio Acousti.

Iannis Xenakis' electro-acoutic works represent a small percentage in compare with his whole works. They are fifteen total, of which the seventh and the longest is "Persepolis" (8 channel electronic tape). It was specially creat for the International Arts Festival of Shiraz-Persepolis (Iran) in 1971. On this historic site, Xenakis turned his attention towards using and mastering space in music, with this music and light spectacle, as he will make later with "Polytope de Cluny" or "Mycènes-Alpha" for exemple. "Persepolis" is reissue for the first time in the complete version of 55 minutes in compact-disc, and especially presents the advantage to be listened uninterruptedly between the Part 1 & 2 (corresponding to Side A & B of the original LP edition on Philips Prospective 21e Siècle). But in default to be able to restore the visual aspect, this reissue comes with a 16 page booklet (french / english) including a rare extract of a conversation between Iannis Xenakis and Marc Blancpain from 1966. Subtitled by this emblematic sentence of Xenakis : "We bear the light of the earth", "Persepolis" is definitely one of the most outstanding electro-acoustic piece of the 20th Century.

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ARTHUR DOYLE SUNNY MURRAY Duo / Dawn of a new vibration / CD
Fractal 009 

1. Giblets 3 (22:36)
2. Nomingo (4:26)
3. Nature boy (11:36)
4. African express (6:04)
5. Elephant dreams 3 (8:41)
6. Goverey (8:56)

Arthur Doyle : tenor saxophone, flute, vocal.
Sunny Murray : drums.

Recorded in Les Lilas, Triton Studio, 8th march 2000.

New studio album recorded in France (march 2000) by two free jazz legend : Arthur Doyle (performances experiences with : Bill Dixon, Sun Ra, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Don Hathaway, Leon Thomas, Takashi Mizutani) and Sunny Murray (Cecil Taylor, Albert Ayler, Archie Sheep...)

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Fractal 008 

1. Poudre aux yeux
2. Histoires scatologiques
3. Trait et autres traits
4. Un soir d'automne
5. Absurde
6. En enfer
7. Le gai danseur

Michel Bulteau : voix.
Jean-François Pauvros : guitares, claviers.
Ernie Brooks : basse.

Recorded in Paris, Le Sous-Marin Studio & Live in Vénissieux.

A brand new album by Michel Bulteau (Mahogany Brain leader, french underground 70's) + Jean-François Pauvros (Catalogue, Rhys Chatham, Arto Lindsay...) and Ernie Brooks (Modern Lovers). Bulteau dead pans various texts over a richly detailed, post Sonic Youth field of ambiant guitar wash from Pauvros. A very impressive update on the lost French Underground spirit, strange and dark, filmic.

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FRANK WRIGHT Quartet / Last Polka in Nancy ? / CD
Fractal 007 

1. Winter echoes (15:00)
2. Guanna dance, Part 1 (4:05)
3. Guanna dance, Part 2 (11:40)
4. Thinking of Monk (1:20)
5. Doing the Polka (10:00)
Recorded Live in Nancy Festival Jazz Pulsations, 10th october 1973.
6. Two birds with one stone (18:57) bonus track
Recorded Live in Detmold Neue Anta, 1978.

Frank Wright : tenor saxophone, bass clarinet.
Bobby Few : piano.
Alan Silva : bass.
Muhammad Ali : drums

Second album, also originally released by Sun Records. Another masterpiece recorded live in Nancy, Jazz Pulsations Festival 1973, by this great quartet (Muhammed Ali, Bobby Few, Alan Silva and Reverend Frank Wright), including 5 tracks.
Reissued for the first time on CD + 1 long BONUS TRACK (Frank Wright Quartet : unreleased live version from 1978).

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FRANK WRIGHT Quartet / Center Of The World / CD
Fractal 006 

1. Center Of The World, Part 1 (19:51)
2. Center Of The World, Part 2 (19:45)
Recorded Live in Rotterdam Doelen, 26th march 1972.

3. No end (17:32) bonus track
4. Church number 9 (13:11) bonus track
Recorded Live in Detmold Neue Anta, 1978.

Frank Wright : tenor - soprano sax, bass clarinet voice.
Bobby Few : piano, voice.
Alan Silva : bass, cello, voice.
Muhammad Ali : drums, voice.

This legendary quartet has been created in 1972 by the famous free jazz saxophonist, and now defunct, Reverend Frank Wright, with Muhammed Ali, Bobby Few and Alan Silva. This is the first album of the band recorded live in Rotterdam and originally released by the french cult label Sun Records. An extraordinary explosive set of 40 minutes !
Reissued for the first time on Cd + 2 BONUS TRACKS (Frank Wright Quartet : unreleased live versions from 1978).

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HIGH RISE / Durophet / CD
Fractal 005 

1. Ikon
2. Right on
3. Disallow
4. Mainliner
5. Door
6. Turn you cry
7. Pop sicle
8. Psychedelic speed freaks

Nanjo Asahito : bass, vocals.
Narita Munehiro : guitar
Hano Shoji : drums

Recorded Live in Paris, Le Garage, 3rd november 1998.

Eight album by Japanese master heavy psych-rock. Recorded live in Paris during their first tour outside Japan (USA, UK, France) in Oct/Nov 1998, celebrating their 15 years birthday. An extreme live performance and a powerful psychedelic sound.

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HIGH RISE / Durophet / LP
Fractal 004 

1. Ikon
2. Right on
3. Disallow
4. Induced depression
5. Door
6. Pop sicle
7. Psychedelic speed freaks

Nanjo Asahito : bass, vocals.
Narita Munehiro : guitar.
Hano Shoji : drums.

Recorded Live in Paris, Le Garage, 3rd november 1998.
Limited edition of 100 copies.

Eight album by Japanese master heavy psych-rock.Recorded live in Paris during their first tour outside Japan (USA, UK, France) in Oct/Nov 1998, celebrating their 15 years birthday. An extreme live performance and powerful psychedelic sound.
LP version (180 grams vinyl). Including 1 BONUS TRACK : "Induced depression" (not on the CD version).

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SEIKAZOKU / Out takes '66 - '78 / CD
Fractal 003 

1. Krsnahasyamaj (4:10)
2. Jatakastupa (2:46)
3. Madhyamakamula (2:58)
4. Vyavartanihstava (3:35)
5. Dharmagujaparika (2:53)
6. Prajnapraptati (6:03)
7. Sambandhapariksaddhi (1:35)
8. Pramanasiddhikarika (1:25)
9. Panditananabhadra (1:07)
10. Varatnavali (4:54)
11. Anuruddhaccaya (0:37)
12. Darasikuhyasi (4:00)
13. Gurupabhadra (3:00)
14. Gangadharayana (2:37)
15. Ramanumalika (4:54)
16. Brahmagnpatirana (4:05)

Yoshida Tatsuya : drums, percussions, oboe, hamond, rhodes, piano, bouzouki, voice.
Tsuyama Atsushi : bass, guitar, violin, drums, kazoo, piano, moog, voice.
Kawabata Makoto : guitar, sarangi, violin, moog, rhodes, hamond, hyoutan syamisen, voice.

All tracks were improvised by Yoshida, Tsuyama & Kawabata.
Recorded in Tokyo, Nishiogi Kumin Center 18th june 1996.

First album by this new supergrouping of Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins / Musica Transonic / Koenjihyakkei), Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple), and Atsushi Tsuyama (Omoide Hatoba) recorded in 1996.

Seikazoku is playing improvisation between progressive, psychedelic rock and modern, traditional music featuring at least 20 different instruments in varied settings.

Full of ideas, effects and energy : a real new sound from Japan.

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Fractal 002 

Disc 1 - LOGOS (rituel sonore) - 1970
1. Ergon
2. Mineral -Vegetal - Animal
3. Homo-sapiens ignorabimus
4. Initiation (1re partie)
5. Initiation (2e partie)
6. Delirium
7. Danse sacrale
8. Point omega (mort ou résurrection)

Disc 2 - DOCTEUR FAUST - 1971
1. Aimantation
2. Materia prima
3. Eau ardente
4. Tenebres (Walpurgis)
5. Matines
6. Licornes
7. Sang pourpre

Disc 3 - HATHOR (lithurgie du souffle pour la résurrection des morts) 1973
1. Hymne à Sathanael (aimantation des forces)
2. Grand sabbat luciferien (régime des arches)
3. Rituel de guerre des esprits de la terre
4. Cris pour les sabbats infernaux et invocations des daimons
5. Office de la levee du corps (De Profundis)
6. Amenthi (attente de la seconde mort)
7. Aurore

De luxe Box set 6 CD including a booklet (24 pages) as well as photograhs, a poster with full colour reproductions of the original record sleeves and the following six musical works (the complete discography by the artist) : "Logos" (1970), "Docteur Faust" (1971), "Hathor" (1973), "Les fous d'or" (1975), "Nagual" (1977), "Let's start" (1979). First official reissue on CD.

Igor Wakhévitch studies the piano under the guidance of the composer Olivier Messiaen. He spent a short period at the GRM of Pierre Scheaffer in 1968. He discovered Maurice Béjart, met Pink Floyd and Soft Machine, worked with Terry Riley and composed the music of the Opera-Poem by Salvador Dali "Etre Dieu" in 1974.

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Disc 4 - LES FOUS D'OR - 1975
1. Twilight and call of the ascending spirit
2. Arrival of the magic doll
3. Rites of the doll
4. Henry the fool of the doll
5. Eve speaks
6. Ritual of the master of the doll

Disc 5 - NAGUAL (les ailes de la perception) - 1977
1. Nagual (les ailes de la perception)
2. In the nagual's time (flash 1)
3. Spenta aramati (ritual of the zelator)
4. Hunahpuguch
5. Beginning of Peter's journey
6. Sets (transition)
7. The smile of wolf on the bench (for Jorma)
8. Never poem for the other
9. In the nagual's time (flash 2)
10. Stop th world (rituel of Si-Wang-Mou)
11. Cinderella
12. Chirakan-Ixmucane

Disc 6 - LET'S START - 1979
1. Let's start
2. Taddy's fruit garden
3. Eriador
4. Monks in the snow
5. Taddy's dream : Ramallah's road


MAINLINER / Psychedelic Polyhedron / LP
Fractal 001 

1. Show the cloven hoof (19:20)
2. Cardinal virtues (19:10)

Nanjo Asahito : bass vocal
Kawabata Makoto : guitar
Yoshida Tatsuya : drums

Recorded at Studio K, Tokyo 1997.
Limited numbered edition 500 copies.

 MAINLINER  2nd album.

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